EZ Line

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EZ line is unbeatable for simulating Telephone and Electric lines, all suspended wires, ropes, fences, etc. This Elastic Polymer will stretch when bumped and instantly go back to its original shape. No more re-glueing bumped telephone lines! No fuzz or kinks. Sold in 100 foot (30.5 meters) spools available in natural white or dyed in five different colors.  Two sizes are available to accurately simulate both electric lines, telephone cable, or whatever else you may need. Scroll down for pictures of this Berkshire Junction exclusive product seeing is believing! Looks great in all gauges, depending on the application. Indoor use only.

EZ Line Options & Prices

Choose from Six Colors Sold in 100 foot spools:

  • White $8.98
  • Rust (great for barbed wire) $10.98
  • Green (old copper) $10.98
  • Rope (tan) $10.98
  • New! French Blue (great for airplane models) $10.98
  • Black (shows up better against a light background)* $10.98

* The black color in fine size does not show up well (actually, it can almost disappear) against a dark background such as ground cover, trees, or towns.
We demonstrate this on the diorama that we use at shows and many customers choose the green (which has just a hint of color) or the white which shows up more.

Choose from Two Sizes:

  • Fine .010 (0.25mm) diameter
    Recommended for N and HO model railroad scales.  This size works well for other models from 1/350 1/87 scale.
  • Heavy .020 (0.5mm) in diameter
    Recommended for S and O scale, and as high tension wires in HO Scale. Recommended for other scale models from 1/64 1/10 scale.

In some HO and S scale layouts, a mixture of large and small diameters looks best, for example, simulating both telephone cables and electric wires on a pole.

For other scale models, such as model planes and ships, our recommendations are based on what our customers have told us worked for them.

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See EZ Line in Action Note how to bends but doesnt break!

EZ Line for Model Railroad Layouts

EZ lineElectric wires can do for the realism of your layout, just take a look at what Bob has done.

Bob Lawson is a master model railroader and an overall very nice guy, and probably knows more about running EZ Line than we do!  In fact, he has a few miles (not scale, but actual) of EZ line that he has run throughout his layouts.  His work has made numerous appearances in model railroad magazines, and is highlighted in Volume 45 of Allen Kellers Great Model Railroads video series.

No more broken telephone poles!

(model shown in HO Gauge)

EZ Line for Model Plane Rigging

Model Aircraft image is the property of our friends at Wingnutwings.com, used here for reference.

EZ Line stays taut without stressing the wings. Use for struts, cross wiring on WWI model aircraft, antennea wires on WWII model airplanes.

For tips on how to use EZ Line for your model airplane rigging, visit our friends at Wingnutwings.com

Heres it in another application by GMorrison on the Fine Scale Modeler forum:

EZ Line for Model Ship Rigging

Model ship image is the property of one our our customers as shown on shipmodels.info, used here for reference.

See September 2012s issue of Fine Scale Modeler magazine for the tip on EZ Line rigging for ships. If you have a subscription to their magazine, you can view on their website here.

Other uses of EZ Line: Circus tents, guard rails, crane rigging, bows for archers, antennae wires, and bi-plane wing struts and wires.

See what others have said about EZ-Line!

  • “The elastic thread will reportedly stretch to seven times its slack length. I have tested it myself and can comfortably stretch it to four times without problems. The really big advantage of this material is that it will stretch, not break, if accidental pressure is applied to the rigging on the completed model. Applications for this material include aerial wires, rigging biplanes and ships.” by Bobe’s Hobby House
  • “Great for the rigging on smaller ship and plane models. The light elasticity makes it easy to make rigging taught without warping or breaking the model. Can be painted different colors using acrylic water based paints once installed so that it matches the model paint scheme” by Tom from Liberty, MO
  • “If you’re modeling in smaller scales this is a must have item. It doesn’t kink and hangs straight. One roll will probably last my a life time. I use superglue and when this touches it the grab is instant.” by Joe B.
  • “Made rigging my wingnut wings FE 2b extremely easy. Wished I would have had for rigging my prior WW1 models. What a difference!!” by Raymond B.
  • “Great for rigging 1/72 antenna for aircraft.” by Joe L.
  • “Should of used this along time ago. Makes rigging WW1, planes easy.” by Tom C.
  • “Great product for reproducing cables, antenna, telephone lines, and fencing. I use this color and size on 1:48 scale aircraft with outstanding results. The best part about this item is that it will spring back to original shape when put under pressure and therefore makes it very hard to break unlike other material.” by David W.
  • “Great for the rigging on model ships and planes. Has a nice elasticity so that you can easily keep the ribbing tight but not so strong that it warps the spars. Easily attachs with just a drop of super glue.” by Tom
  • “Used this for rigging on 1/570 scale model of the Titanic, worked great, very pleased. I had built a model of the Titanic in the same scale a number of years ago and used thread for rigging in which the masts bent a bit due to the tension applied, this is flexible and will not bend the masts due to tension. Great product and easy to use.” by Roland M.
  • “great stuff for simulating HO scale power & telephone pole wire. Springy and easily fastened with CA glue.” by Peter
  • “EZ to work with and exactly what I needed for my model railroad.” by JNS
  • “Used it on an N scale Steam Mule as steal cable. Looks great!” by David R.
  • Model Railroader Magazine for their opinion! (Yeah, we think its worth digging around in that box of old MR Magazines you have under your benchwork) MODEL RAILROADER is a registered trademark of Kalmbach Publishing Co.
  • In the January 2006 issue of Scale Rails (the NMRA magazine), writer Gerry Leone Lists EZ-line as one of the Top 10 Most Overlooked Model Railroad Tools.  Thank you Gerry and Scale Rails for this honor.
  • See September 2012s issue of Fine Scale Modeler magazine for the tip on EZ Line rigging for shipgs. If you have a subscription to their magazine, you can view on their website here.