Scenery Products

EZ Line

Our exclusive EZ line is unbeatable for simulating Telephone and Electric lines, all suspended wires, ropes, fences, etc. This Elastic Polymer will stretch when bumped and instantly go back to it’s original shape. No more re-glueing bumped telephone lines! No fuzz or kinks. Please click here to visit our EZ Line page for full details and pictures.

Deluxe Crossbucks Sets

All of our Deluxe Crossbuck sets are complete with Infrared detection. Crossbucks shown in image below from left: N gauge, HO gauge, S gauge and O gauge.
Model Railroad Crossbucks

HO Scale – $64.95

Comes complete with two scale crossbucks with operating lights, flasher unit, and a built in Train Detector Activator, making it capable of detecting a train as it passes and activating the flashers accordingly. One of our best sellers.

N Scale – $64.95

Includes two N scale crossbucks with operating lights, Train Detector, and Flashing unit. These Crossbucks look so good, it’s hard to believe they are N scale!

O Scale – $64.95

Includes two O scale crossbucks with operating lights, train detection circuit and flashing unit. Ready to install.

S Scale – $64.95

Includes two S scale crossbucks with operating lights, train detection circuit and flashing unit. Ready to install.

Other Scenery Improving Products

Infrared Automatic Flashing Unit – $39.95

As with our Train detector unit,  this product will detect a train using 2 infrared beams.  It will then activate and alternately flash crossbucks from other manufacturers. While we obviously prefer you to buy our crossbucks, we don’t expect you to throw away a perfectly good set that you already have…

Alternate Flashing Unit – $16.95

This unit can flash lights on Crossbucks and emergency vehicles with dual lights (lights not included, can be used with light bulbs or LEDs)

FREDs (Flashing Rear End Device) – $11.49 (HO Scale only)

A tiny red LED sits on top of the coupler pocket and the circuit mounts inside a box car or automobile car. Includes LED, battery snap, switch, and flashing unit.  Requires a 9 volt battery (not included).

The Infrared detector operates by breaking either of two IR “beams” placed on your layout, and works equally well for daytime or nighttime operation, multiple tracks, and in low-light areas (inside tunnels and the like).   Modular layouts will particularly benefit from the infrared detection as the light is different at each setup location.

Arc Welding Light – $29.95

Model Railroad Arc Welding LightOur Arc Welder circuit uses a high intensity white LED to simulate the flickering light of an Arc Welder at work. The circuit design offers either random on/off cycle, or a constant welding mode.

This circuit is great for use in Garages, under cars, engine houses, machine shops, or in factories. A real attention grabber on modular layouts!

Cozy Campfire Kit – $22.95

Model Railroad CampfireYou supply the scenery, we supply a randomly flickering yellow LED to provide the fire.

Works great for all scales.

Contact Us to Order

We are happy to offer advice as to the usage of our products in any particular application. If you are not sure if one of our products fits your application please contact us.  Prices shown are subject to change.